Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#31 Post by gx2066 »

I like Very Introspective as much as Yes, Please but not as much as Fundamental Behaviour.
Bilingual Release is good too but Super Electric is better

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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#32 Post by Ramzy »

Hmm... I've never tried to do this in full before. The top five are pretty much anchored in place, I think, with the exception of 2 and 3 which are forever flipping over each other. The rest is quite floaty.

1 Very
2 Actually
3 Please
4 Behaviour
5 Introspective
6 Bilingual
7 Nightlife
8 Fundamental
9 Super
10 Electric
11 Elysium
12 Yes
13 Release

... with the same caveat as everyone else, viz. I love them all and wouldn't like to tell any of them to their faces that they were my least favourites. Yes entered around the number six mark at the time, while Elysium entered at the bottom - I've only just realised the two have leapfrogged each other. Positions 8-13 are pretty close, at any rate, but the first seven have the advantage of nostalgia. The others might be forever gaining on them but rather like Achilles chasing the tortoise they'll probably never catch up.*

*I know
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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#33 Post by MikeyC »

My current ranking:

01. Very
02. Fundamental
03. Behaviour
04. Introspective
05. Please
06. Yes
07. Super
08. Electric
09. Actually
10. Nightlife
11. Elysium
12. Bilingual
13. Release

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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#34 Post by Mattis »

01. Actually (LOVE)
02. Fundamental (LOVE)
03. Electric (LOVE)
04. Bilingual (LOVE)
05. Very (LOVE)
06. Behaviour (LOVE)
07. Please (LOVE)
08. Introspective (LOVE)
09. Yes (GREAT)
10. Nightlife (GREAT)
11. Elysium (Uneven)
12. Release (Uneven)
13. Super ...
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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#35 Post by Tom Angel »

1 Please
2 Behaviour
3 Actually
4 Introspective
5 Very
6 Bilingual
7 Fundamental
8 Elysium
9 Yes
10 Electric/Super
11 Nightlife
12 Release

This is based upon the fact I still LOVE Release but they simply screwed up on track selection - as has been their habit since Bilingual...Many B-sides should have made the mother album..
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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#36 Post by stussyboy »

1. Behaviour
2. Very
3. Release
4. Actually
5. Introspective
6. Fundamental
7. Please
8. Elysium
9. Bilingual
10. Electric
11. Yes
12. Nightlife
13. Super

Will probably change tomorrow. Would rank Results and Relentless quite high should they qualify.
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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#37 Post by bookshopboy »

1. Very
2. Please
3. Behaviour
4. Actually
5. Electric
6. Introspective
7. Bilingual
8. Fundamental
9. Yes
10. Super
11. Nightlife
12. Release
13. Elysium

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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#38 Post by West End Boy »

1 - Behavior

2 - Yes

3 - Elysium

4 - Please
5 - Fundamental
6 - Very
7 - Actually
8 - Introspective
9 - Bilingual
10 - Nightlife

11 - Super
12 - Release
13 - Electric
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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#39 Post by ZiggyPSB »

1 - Elysium
2 - Electric
3 - Yes
4 - Nightlife
5 - Very
6 - Fundamental
7 - Release
8 - Behaviour
9 - Please
10 - Actually
11 - Bilingual
12 - Super
13 - Introspective

lol No this isn't my ranking from least favourite to most, I quite like their early stuff.
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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#40 Post by Nervously »

I've probably ranked them in the past but I find it impossible to do so now.

Behaviour is my favourite, though some days Please or Actually might be. These are the three big ones for me

Obviously Introspective is smack in the middle of this sequence but the format/concept just isn't for me (I feel the same way about Disco). A lost 9 or 10 track album from this period with shorter songs would be a musical holy grail.

The three nineties albums are the ones I have the most mixed feelings about. When I play them I never know if I'll be disappointed or pleasantly surprised.

Release is the only one I positively don't like.

Fundamental is not a favourite, but I feel like it's me, not them. They were definitely back on track but unfortunately lots of the songs aren't quite a good match for my tastes.

Half of Yes is exactly what I wanted, the other half lets the side down. Bit like Very in that respect (and in others).

I have a soft spot for Elysium, I think it's their most unfairly dismissed album. So I get defensive and if I was ranking it I'd probably overcompensate and place it too high.

Electric and Super are both awesome. At this point its so long that they released (no pun intended) a bad album that I trust them implicitly.

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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#41 Post by E-Mail Vampire »

For me it ranks as follow

1. Nightlife
2. Release
3. Actually
4. Bilingual
5. Yes
6. Behaviour
7. Very
8. Electric
9. Super
10. Fundamental
11. Please
12. Introspective
13. Elysium

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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#42 Post by Parkol »

1. Behaviour (there is no my fav song on this album, but it's one of the best albums in the History)
2. Actually (because of King's Cross and I want to wake up)
3. Please (because of Two divided...)
4. Very/Relentless (because it's bright and fresh)
5. Yes (because of Beautiful People and mastering)
6. Elysium (because of Denim and Leopard and you'll never tired of it, it seems)
7. Fundamental (because of Minimal and Trevor Horn)
8. Introspective (I am tired of it, but I am not scared)
9. Release (it's good, but too moody)
10. Super (because of Pop Kids and Twenty Something... dictator is good also)
11. Nightlife (because of Radiophonic)
12. Bilingual (Too loud for me now)
13. Electric (I can not forgive shooting in the fluorescent)

Tomorrow I can change my mind)))

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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#43 Post by the8thark »

My turn. In order.
  1. Yes - Love it all aprt from the hot trash Legacy
  2. Fundamental - Love it all
  3. Elysium - Like most of it a lot
  4. Very - Love half, hate the other half
  5. Release - Like most of the tracks
  6. Nightlife - Like about half the tracks a lot
  7. Please - Like about half the tracks a lot
  8. Actually - The singles (and King's Cross) are great. The rest of the album I really do not like
  9. Bilingual - I like this album some days only. An aquired taste for me.
  10. Super - I like a whole 3 tracks from this album a lot.
  11. Electric - I like a whole 3 tracks from this album a lot.
  12. Behaviour - I like a whole 2 tracks from this album a lot.
  13. Relentless - Nice but I really only like KDX 125 here. Still it's not bad.
  14. Introspective - Only bought it to have all the PSB studio albums. The only PSB main album I like nothing on it. It's 100% skip for me.
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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#44 Post by Actually »

1 Actually
2 Yes
3 Introspective
4 Behaviour
5 Very
6 Super
7 Fundamental
8 Please
9 Bilingual
10 Elysium
11 Release
12 Electric
13 Nightlife
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Re: Rank the albums, Where is "Super"?

#45 Post by glennjridge »

come on its waaaay too early. its till the honeymoon.

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