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It was a good release for Olympics times, face it!. They are British an they live in London. What a good thing they took part of it!
The song is embarrassing and so easy. Not a good movement
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Re: "Winner" - the love and hate battle of this forum

#46 Post by boyjohn »

I don't particularly like the weird harmony by Neil with himself. Wondering if a more straightforward rendition would have worked (either octaves or with another singer). I do like the bridge and the key change is kindy cheesy but fun in a way.
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Re: "Winner" - the love and hate battle of this forum

#47 Post by lucienchardon »

I still feel the same way about Winner. It's a very unusual PSB song from me in the sense that I don't like the album/single version but I think the Extended HappySad Remix is one of the best remixes of their career. I wish Andrew Dawson would remix one of their songs again.

And I also love the video for Winner. It's like a mini documentary.

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Re: "Winner" - the love and hate battle of this forum

#48 Post by glennjridge »

I kinda like that little middle eight, otherwise its just ok. I never listen to it.

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Re: "Winner" - the love and hate battle of this forum

#49 Post by londonnoise »

I always think it's quite pleasant. It will never be in my top ten songs, but it's fantastically produced and I guess, a product of it's time.

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Re: "Winner" - the love and hate battle of this forum

#50 Post by PSBForTheMasses »

After 4 years, I voted at last :D This shows how quick and responsive I am. :lol:

The original poster of the poll is really a kind soul; I would not call it "embrassing" but "awful, terrible, repellent and so on." Until Winner, I thought there were no bad PSB songs but only the ones I did not like for this or that (mostly subjective) reason. Also they had never released bad albums before Elysium (and after it, so to speak). So-so ones, good ones that unfortunately paled against their formidable masterpieces, but no bad album. But both Winner and Elysium successfully crashed these naive throughts of mine. It is the only PSB album that I have not listened to from end to end for a third time. Even the second time was a torture.

Anyway, at the time of its release, some members here said that it was their last contractual album with Parlophone and they hid the good songs to themselves, and released the bad ones knowingly; and as if to confirm this, one year later another semi-masterpiece album, Electric arrived at the stores. I heartily believe that this assumption is true. Neil and Chris are too experienced and too intelligent and talented to fail to understand how mediocre the album is.

The poll poster says in one choice (option?) that because they are very British, it was a natural thing. They have always been very British and expressed their very British spirit magnificiently throughout their career, in particular, in Actually, and to a lesser extent, in Fundamental. So it should not be a "forgiving point."

But this kind of "moody" albums is kind of treasured after a decade or so; probably the first shockwave lessens and then goes away in time and the original haters die or get old or become alzheimer, something like this. There are now more comments about it like "I hated it at the beginning but now I think it is serene, it is nice etc." Congratulations to who can tolerate and love it because in future, they will have "one more" album from the Boys to listen to after PSB stop doing music.

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