2015 'Christmas Card'

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Re: 2015 'Christmas Card'

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Native wrote:There is a physical version of the card - seen a couple of journalists post pics of it on Twitter.
Email version bit of a non-event, just demonstrates them saying they're no longer prepared to pay for a card to be sent out. Fair enough, I suppose, but I half feel like they shouldn't bother with the email, as it's so obviously lacking from a physical copy, that always felt special.

It's probably smart to still send a physical copy to certain select journalists. With a new album on the way, it'll keep the Boys on the journalists' minds with a feeling of goodwill... 8)

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Re: 2015 'Christmas Card'

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Chris could have done with a disco ball head or hat!
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Re: 2015 'Christmas Card'

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awww..it's cute :oops:

it's a pity they stopped the physical card, it's not like they were sending millions of cards. maybe 127?
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Re: 2015 'Christmas Card'

#21 Post by Disco. »

No, they sent out thousands.

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Re: 2015 'Christmas Card'

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The funny thing is that the card is sent bij Parlophone/Warner. How odd they use their old label for this....

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Re: RE: Re: 2015 'Christmas Card'

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Shopper wrote:awww..it's cute :oops:

it's a pity they stopped the physical card, it's not like they were sending millions of cards. maybe 127?

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Re: 2015 'Christmas Card'

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Such a shame the Boys have stopped the traditional Christmas card. It can't have cost them that much to produce. I must say I still don't really understand why they closed the fan club particularly as they are still going to produce Literally every year or so (let's face it it only ever appeared once a year these days anyway). The costs must have been minimal and they could have simply raised the membership fee a bit to cover price increases. I miss my annual card from Neil and Chris.
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Re: 2015 'Christmas Card'

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Now on the OS, with the following message:

Chris and Neil would like to wish all visitors to this site and all their fans, friends and colleagues a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Pet Shop Boys are looking forward to a very busy 2016 which will include releasing their brand new album (produced by Stuart Price), celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of the first PSB album and other exciting events which will be announced here in due course.

And the Literally-related pet text:

23 December 2015Questions answered
Thanks to those of you who sent in questions for us to answer in the new annual edition of our official magazine. We answered a bunch of them yesterday as well as being interviewed about what we've been up to in 2015, how the new album came about and much else. The magazine should be published in March and information about how to order your copy will be on this site when we have it. In the meantime, thanks for all your support and Happy Holidays! Neil x

All of this suggests to me that the re-issue will be in March, and will be a 'Please 2.0'... I wouldn't be surprised if the new album is pushed back a bit (May/June?) as a result...
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