Electric Show on DVD..???

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Re: Electric Show on DVD..???

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Greendrake wrote: Sun 26 Jul 2020, 1:52 pm
Sage wrote: Sun 26 Jul 2020, 12:48 pm This is basic internet forum etiquette, nothing to do with trendy social media.
Been this way since at least the early 00's, before social media. It's a big faux pas.
I've been on forums since 2000 and indeed have come across members who get annoyed when old threads get bumped up. Some of them have created that "etiquette" in attempt to educate the world what a forum is and how everyone should behave.

But I have never seen anything wrong or annoying with bumping old threads. That "etiquette" has meant to me nothing more than just yet another opinion.

The key feature of an internet forum is that discussions neither need to happen in real time, nor just only one (or a few) topics need to be in the centre of everyone's attention at any given moment. Someone posts a message. Everyone can see it at any time. If someone has something to add they do so — the next hour, week, year or decade. Threads may be active or not but they never die: they're always there for you search, dig out, go through and add to if you have anything.

I think that discontent with bumping old threads that some members have stems from their perception of an internet forum alike a real venue where people gather and chat. It would indeed be a big faux pas to barge in there and push everyone's attention into something that they sort of lost interest in long ago. For some reason they fail to see that internet forums are not mere replacements for real venues. They are much more than that — living history of discussions any of which can be got back to at any time. If you're not interested in an old thread just don't open it again but please do not complain about it being on the top again — just because there are other members who are interested in it now, and the forum is as much theirs as yours and so you have just no more moral rights to tell them what to be interested in as they do so towards you.
This ^^^

Absolutely couldn’t agree more :clap:
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Re: Electric Show on DVD..???

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If a site doesn't want older threads to be responded to, then they should lock them. In fact, in some of the forums I'm on, people get mad if you create a new thread if there is already an appropriate one. So, I guess you can't win.
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