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Re: Electric Press Reviews

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Re: Electric Press Reviews

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PSBForTheMasses wrote:
nickname wrote:I know some people can understand what I mean with that sentence.
You mean slow songs versus fast songs? :think: At least that's how I interpreted your sentence :D.
I'm talking about the topic of the lyric sad versus happy ones.

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Re: Electric Press Reviews

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Danish reviews of 'Electric':

Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten - national newspaper: http://www.jyllands-posten.dk/protected ... gsa-danse/ - 5/6
Headline: "Grown up men also want to dance"

BT - national tabloid news paper: http://www.bt.dk/musik/nyt-fra-pet-shop ... e-i-kassen - 5/6
Headline: "The new album from Pet Shop Boys: Bullseye!"

Soundvenue - national music magazine: http://soundvenue.com/musik/2013/07/pet ... ys-2-57789 - 5/6
Headline: "Pet Shop Boys: Electric"

Gaffa - national music magazine: http://gaffa.dk/anmeldelse/74776 - 5/6
Headline: "Classic Pet Shop Boys"

xq28 - gay/lesbian online magazine: http://www.xq28.dk/Anmeldelser/Musik/83 ... ctric.aspx - 5/6
Headline: "Futuristic, retrospective and superior"

Berlingske - national newspaper: http://www.b.dk/kultur/fire-stjerner-ti ... istokrater - 4/6
Headline: Love is a construct" (print)/"Four stars for the aristocrats of pop" (online)

Århus Stiftstidende - regional newspaper (same review as Berlingske): http://stiften.dk/cd-anmeldelser/kaerli ... nstruktion - 4/6
Headline: "Love is a construct"

JyskeVestkysten - daily regional newspaper (same review as Berlingske): http://www.jv.dk/artikel/1589666:Kultur ... nstruktion - 4/6
Headline: "Love is a bourgeois construct"

Ekstra Bladet - national tabloid news paper: http://ekstrabladet.dk/musik/intlalbum/ ... 040440.ece - 4/6
Headline: "Good old boys" (print)/"Still pop-smart" (online)

Børsen - national financial newspaper: http://borsen.dk/nyheder/avisen/artikel ... AgQm95cw,, - doesn't use stars, but near top review
Headline: "Pet Shop Boys' best in years"

In Magazine - national fashion magazine: http://www.in.dk (reviewed in print version only) - 4/6
Headline: "Back on the dancefloor - Pet Shop Boys are having a party"

No bad reviews at all and to my notice no reviews below 4/6 :D

Suprisingly, though, national newspapers Politiken and Information haven't reviewed the new PSB album, which they usually always will.

And thanks Drico - great work!
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